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Y Story: Hesitant & New to Motivated & Committed

My husband and I joined the Y last year, wanting to improve our health and to get into ‘shape.’ When signing-up, the woman  up at the front desk encouraged me to sign-up with a trainer that would introduce me to some of the machines and to help achieve some of my fitness goals. She introduced me to Brian Brown, who has taken me from being able to do a minute on the ARC trainer to over 10 minuets — I lift weights, do the TRX, and total gym. When I start to feel comfortable, Brian changes up things to keep me working – while a challenge, it is fun and interesting.

Because of my experience, my husband also joined the Y, and has been exercising every other day on the cardio machines. With Brian’s encouragement, we both completed the 2015 Turkey Trot. We are both highly excited with the Y and plan to be life long members.

Ellie & Mike Brown (no relation to Brian)


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