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Y on the Fly, Week Two

Y on the Fly is on a roll! After celebrating the July 4th holiday, the team was back in action last week.

Y on the Fly popped up at four sites around Baltimore. Kicking things off on Wednesday, Y on the Fly visited the McKim Community Center where everyone got moving with hula hooping and jump rope contests, and a game of Carpool, where kids use hula hoops and teamwork to gather “pedestrians” in their “cars.” On Thursday, stops included the Y’s Elgin Head Start site and the Scott’s Branch Police Athletic League Center. The stop at the Elgin Head Start site had fun and games with an educational twist, turning the classroom into a bustling restaurant for a game of Short Order where children match pattern and colors while filling orders for hungry customers! At the Scott’s Branch PAL, 40 children played a game of Medicine Man Dodgeball (the “medicine man” can tag players who have been hit by the ball, allowing them to stand up and rejoin the game after the tag).

Finally, on Friday, Y on the Fly rounded out the week with a stop at Robert W. Coleman Elementary for a Field Day event with 125 children (pre-k – 4th grade) participating in game stations which featured Sharks & Anemones, Tug-of-War and Jackpot Football!

In addition to the fun and games, Y on the Fly participants also talked about nutrition and healthy eating. Our young chefs rounded out the week with a perfect summer recipe – a strawberry-kiwi-cucumber salsa!




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Thank you to PNC and McCormick Flavor For Life for making this partnership possible.



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