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Y on the Fly, Week Three

The Y on the Fly fun never stops in Baltimore! Last week, we visited Macedonia Baptist Church, Belmont Elementary, Patterson Park Charter School, St. Francis’ Neighborhood Center and Poppelton Vintage Gardens Community Center. We rounded out the week with a visit to the Penn-North Kids Safe Zone, Tutti’s Place and Oliver Multipurpose Center.

The kids challenged Americorps and the counselors of Macedonia Baptist Church to a rousing game of Sharks & Minnows and Big Top Parachute – a game in which partners try to make it to the other side of the parachute before it comes falling down. Belmont Elementary students waltzed to the stylings of Johann Sebastain Bach in a 37-person game of Symphony of the Wigs – a game that focuses on balancing a bean bag on your head while attempting to push the “wigs” off of opponents’ heads…all while moving in time to the music! We rounded out the week with games including Parachute Roller Ball, basketball, two-hand touch football, and kickball.

Last week’s recipe tested our young chefs’ measuring skills and introduced proper food preparation techniques with berries and nutmeg!

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Thank you to PNC and McCormick Flavor For Life for making this partnership possible.




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