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Y on the Fly: Week 3

Y on the Fly is spicing it up this week with some added flavors, oregano, basil, and garlic to make pizza hummus!  Did you get your recipe card to make this yummy treat?

Y on the Fly visited Harford Heights- Summer R.E.A.D.S, Graceland Park- Fort Worthington- Y Summer Enrichment, Reach Partnership School- R.E.A.C.H Summer Program, Afya- Afya Out of School Time Summer Camp, POP Center- Beyond F.I.T Kids (Beyond Fearless Inspired By Truth), St Francis Neighborhood Center-  Summer of Service Excursion, George Washington Elementary- Summer R.E.A.D.S, Robert Coleman- Holistic Life Foundation, and 29th Street Community Center- Community Health Fair.

*NEW GAME ALERT* Students at Robert Coleman AND adults participated in our new hula hoop relay challenge relay race. All of the Holistic Life staff, New Horizon interns, Y on the Fly staff and volunteers created a team and participated in a friendly competition. It was a great time filled with laughing, fun and exercise.

While making Pizza Hummus, Ms Megan taught the students that beans are a great source of plant protein and whole grains help our brains and give us energy (Pizza Hummus and Whole Grain Pretzels/Crackers)

Here is what the kids said after making pizza hummus:

“ I have never like hummus before but I like this hummus ”

“I thought I didn’t like beans but now I know I do”

“ I licked it off the plate. This was so yummy!”

“I want to make this at home.”

Other activities included Pizza Delivery (Pizza Delivery involves one student standing in the middle of a hula hoop while the remaining members of the team work together to hold the hula and prevent it from touching the “delivery man/woman” until they get the pizza (bean bag) to a house safely), making pipsqueak sandwiches, learning the importance of healthy food groups, fun facts about cucumbers, Dodgeball, Hungry Fox, 3 Line Basketball, Bean bag toss and Hula hoop Tic Tac Toe (9 hula hoops are place on the ground. Students are broken off into two teams must race get three bean bags in a row).

In addition to the fun and games, Y on the Fly participants also talked about nutrition and healthy eating.

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Thank you to our sponsors, PNC and McCormick Flavor For Life, for making this partnership possible.



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