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Y on the Fly: Week 2

Y on the Fly had its biggest visit so far and it was a super-sized fun!   The featured spice this week is sea salt and pepper.

Y on the Fly visited Tutties Place, Belmont Elementary/Middle- O.M.O.L.-One More One Less Mentoring/Kids Safe Zone, Brehms Lane Elementary, Masonville Cove Environmental Center (Living Classrooms) – B.E.E. Smart, William Pinderhughes Elementary/Middle- Elev8 Freedoms Schools. Three Freedom Schools Sites came together to enjoy on the fly programming. While we hosted at William Pinderhughes we also served students from Collington Square Elementary/Middle and Gilmore Elementary/Middle. This has been our biggest site visit so far.

*NEW GAME ALERT* Students participated in Diner Dash for the first time this summer. During Diner Dash the students were able to bring the popular video game to life as they each took turns being the customer, chef, and waiter. Not only were they moving during the game but they were also learning about the different food groups, teamwork, and the importance of effective communication.

Other activities included Pizza Delivery (Pizza Delivery involves one student standing in the middle of a hula hoop while the remaining members of the team work together to hold the hula and prevent it from touching the “delivery man/woman” until they get the pizza (bean bag) to a house safely), making pipsqueak sandwiches, learning the importance of healthy food groups, fun facts about cucumbers, Food Group Dash, 3 line basketball, Dodgeball, Soccer Shoot Out, Hula hoop Tic Tac Toe (9 hula hoops are place on the ground. Students are broken off into two teams must race get three bean bags in a row), and 7 -up Tag where students were not only moving and staying physically active but worked on communication and honesty as well.  Students were also able to earn book bags as incentives

In addition to the fun and games, Y on the Fly participants also talked about nutrition and healthy eating.

Check out this crowd!

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