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Monday Mission Update

Though Valentine’s Day is the day seemingly reserved to remind someone special how much you care about her or him (not to mention the day that keeps the florists afloat!), leave it to Y associates to find any and every excuse to remind their colleagues how much they are valued and appreciated!

Here is just a snippet of the many Y associate “Shout Outs” shared on our workplace Facebook page:

‎Rebecca Zahn‎ to Y In Central Maryland Announcements

February 14 at 9:41am ·

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Preschool Team

  1. We collectively have OCD
  2. We can laugh about the craziness
  3. We have a form for that!
  4. We are a tad bit competitive
  5. We are thrifty
  6. We wear multiple hats
  7. We are super heroes
  8. We are skilled trappers of snakes, mice, crazy deer, and runaway kids
  9. We inspire others

And the number 1 reason why I love my team . . .




‎Roikensha Craig‎ to Y In Central Maryland Announcements

February 14 at 3:57pm ·

#lovemyYteam To the LOVELY Y Head Anne Arundel Head Start Y Head Y City Head Start Y Head Start Baltimore County Y Head County Head Start Training for ensuring 1,700 children and families get a head start in life!  #headstartworks #excellence #teamexcellence #superstars


​‎Jaime Kilgore‎ to Y In Central Maryland Announcements

February 14 at 10:02am ·

#lovemyYteam. Michele Anderson and I have the best group of ladies in Customer Service. Thank you for all you do!! Have a great Valentine’s Day​


‎O’bette Jamison‎ to Y In Central Maryland Announcements

February 14 at 12:54pm ·

I am always grateful for the Harford Before and After School Enrichment team for making it happen every day!​


‎Bob Moss‎ to Y In Central Maryland Announcements

February 14 at 7:10am ·

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! And thanks for everything that each of you do every day to make us a GREAT Y!​

​‎Karen Farley‎ to Y In Central Maryland Announcements

February 14 at 12:29pm ·


As of 10:00 am this morning we are closing in on the open spaces and our “words of affirmation” board is almost filled! We continue to show hearts of gratitude for our associates!

​​Let me add my voice to the chorus thanking the 3,100 (give or take) people who come to work every day to ensure that the Y makes a tremendous impact on the over 300,000 people across the communities we serve. No matter what role you play, no matter what your title, and no matter how many hours a week you put on that Y shirt or name tag, you are contributing to the essential well-being of thousands of children, families and adults every day. Your work is important and highly valued by those you serve, by the community as a whole and by me.

I am honored to call you colleagues!


All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland



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