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Monday Mission Update


My husband is active duty in the army, and we are scheduled to move to Fort Leavenworth after this school year ends.  My son has benefited from the PE and art classes.  My son is on the mild end, but has been diagnosed with what once was labeled Asperger’s disorder and now is called autism spectrum disorder.

This school year, my son has blossomed in the PE class.  Louann and Scott are the very best coaches that have worked in the Y Home-school PE in our time of attending, which began in February 2016.  Ethan is now motivated to do exercises at home, as he has gained confidence and esteem through the PE program this school year. I also see the neighbor I take to PE, is putting out more in PE and smiling some during the activities.  Both talk about how much more they enjoy PE this school year with Louann and Scott leading the class.

Both children enjoy the art class.  Both art instructors my son has received instruction from have been great.

Thank you for offering this great opportunity for home-school families.

God bless all of you at Ward Y,


​This wonderful note was sent to Suzanne Green, our long-time leader of the Walter and Betty Ward Y in Abingdon. The Home-school programs Amy is referring to are “extra-curricular” activities like physical education, art and swim lessons which we offer to give home-schooled students a chance to build skills in a group setting while also giving their parents the chance to get that much-needed quiet hour on an elliptical or, perhaps, just relaxing on a comfortable couch!

Thank you Amy for giving us the opportunity to work with your son and his friend and for this very nice note!​ Congratulations to Louann and Scott for the clear impact you are making in students’ lives! I especially like the part in Amy’s letter which notes that, in addition to learning valuable skills, her son is gaining confidence and self-esteem and her young neighbor is smiling more! While the ability to do a good push-up may wane over time, confidence, self-esteem and happiness will help carry all of us for a lifetime. Well done! That’s really what it’s all about and it’s what our strategic plan (Impact 2020) is referring to when it focuses on “going beyond fitness to well-being.”

​Best of luck to Amy’s family in the next leg of their journey. Thank you for making incredible sacrifices in service to our country and for being a part of the Y family (by the way, there are Ys near Ft. Leavenworth who will eagerly welcome you!).

All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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