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Monday Mission Update

With record warm temperatures still with us, it may be hard to fathom that Thanksgiving could be right around the corner, but indeed it is. Rich with tradition, Thanksgiving is an almost universally beloved American holiday; a kind of collective time-out to connect with old friends and family and renew the bonds which remind us of what really matters in life.

This year, with the recent cascade of natural and other disasters hitting in rapid succession, what really matters seems ever more apparent: family, community and the basic human desire to help those in need.

As the comments from Y Turkey Trot race registrants shared below attest, the annual Y Turkey Trot Charity Charity 5k seems to be one of those communal traditions that helps satisfy all these fundamentally important needs (and more).

Take a look:

  • “I do it because I love being healthy and running with my dad and son.”
  • “Turkey Trot helps me contribute to the Y and burn calories before eating the big dinner. I do it every year!”
  • “It has turned into a family event.”
  • “It’s our third year; a family tradition.”
  • “As a dog, I always love it when my mom takes me.” (as interpreted by the dog’s owner)
  • “Dana Smith.”
  • “I love to run and help others.”
  • “An annual tradition with family and friends.”

These comments (including the one listing our intrepid volunteer board member and three-time record fundraiser Dana Smith as their prime motivator!), are reflective of the dozens and dozens of similar comments pouring in daily with each new batch of Turkey Trot registrations. While each is stated differently, it’s abundantly clear that the Y Turkey Trot Charity 5k has become an important Thanksgiving day tradition in the lives of the thousands of families and individuals who participate each year. In fact, all one needs to do is visit one of our Y Family Centers to know that the Turkey Trot has become deeply embedded in our region’s landscape as a wide variety of prior years’ race shirts are proudly modeled in every nook and cranny of the building.

In what has now become a critically important Y tradition, thanks to our wonderful associates, volunteers and sponsors like title sponsor LifeBridge Health, we’re off to a great start so far this year in our efforts to help our members, program participants, friends and neighbors maintain and build their annual traditions of exercise, fun, friends and giving that being a part of the Y Turkey Trot Charity 5k provides.

There’s still a great deal MORE WORK TO BE DONE in the coming weeks to register as many people (and dogs!) that want to participate as we can, as well as to bring in those final sponsors so that in turn we can continue to collectively build on OUR tradition of helping more and more people who need us to bring stability and opportunity to their lives in a time when it’s sorely needed.

All the best,


P.S. If you haven’t registered for Turkey Trot yet and don’t want to miss the fun, please click here:

John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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