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Monday Mission Update

Last week, Karen Farley, Membership Director at the Hill Y in Westminster, celebrated 40 years with the Y. Y associates gathered to pay a well-deserved tribute to a remarkable person. They shared memories and impressions which are excerpted here from a book assembled for her. These sentiments aptly honor a woman who has been the heart of the Y in Westminster for longer than most Y associates have been alive!  And, she doesn’t look a day over 30!

Take a look. These comments tell you all you need to know about Karen Farley and about how much she cares about her community, colleagues and our cause, which is really what the Y’s mission is all about.

“You have always been so kind and nice to work with since the day I started here. I love your passion for the Y and what you do, even though I have to yell at you to go home sometimes because you practically live here. “ – Marie 

“Karen is: Classy, Caring, Poised, Resilient, Dedicated, Pioneer, Thoughtful, Funny, and Life Mentor.”  – Christie

“What I think about Karen Farley… Kind-hearted; Appreciative; Remarkable; Encouraging; Noble; Faithful; Admirable; Respectful; Legendary leadership; Exceptional; Y (why) because YOU are loved!” Stacey

 “She has an unparalleled commitment to the Y, its mission and members, not to mention her work ethic. Karen is definitely the heart of the Hill Y!!” Heather

“You welcomed me into the group and were always available to answer questions, encourage and always time for an ear to bend and a shoulder to lean on when needed.” Peggy

“By just being you, you have made the Hill Y the special place that it is.  God bless you and may you enjoy many more years serving people.” Faye

“She embodies what the Y means to me.  Her passion and positive demeanor are contagious.” – Diana

“Karen is one of the most genuine, caring, understanding and welcoming people I have ever met. I am honored to call her my friend and grateful that she calls me the same.” Adam

Karen Farley Collage

I can only add that I too am honored to be able to work with Karen Farley. She is one of those people who has a true north star. She knows what’s right and just acts on it quietly and with no fanfare. It’s fitting that her 40th anniversary with the Y coincides with a time when so many people of various faiths are taking time out to reflect on life and to renewal. These are qualities Karen Farley embodies and models naturally with ease and grace. We are so fortunate Karen Farley has chosen to share so much of herself for so many years with the Y and for our mission.

Thank you, Karen. Here’s to 40 more!

All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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