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Monday Mission Update

I hope everyone had a peaceful and joyful new year’s weekend! For me, the coming of a new year is both a time of celebration and reflection, as I believe it is for most of us. One of the many things I have reflected on is how grateful I am for the opportunity to serve such a great mission in the company of all of you and as a part of such a generous and caring community.

Just over the past 30 days, tens of thousands of dollars have been donated to the Y on line and through the mail to help those who are struggling financially in our community to participate in the life of the Y. With these donations also came some wonderful unsolicited comments from the many good people who believe in the Y’s critical mission. If ever you felt at various times this past year that we’ve become a little too disconnected as a community, then these quotes will make you think twice.

“Thank you for your community work, and making your services affordable to those in need.”

“I believe in the mission and impact of the Y.”

 “Going local with donations- so important to help Baltimore”

“We’re seniors who can afford to belong. Would love to help someone who can’t..”

“Going to the Y Hill Center makes me glad! I have made number of new friends over the last 8 years. It’s a treat to see these friends   not only at the Y, but in the community. Today I ran into one of those of friends and we’re excited to return to our Tuesday 4:30 cycle class together.”

 “Thank you for all you do for Baltimore.”

“Towson is lucky to have the Y.”

“I was unable to do the Turkey Trot this year. Hope a young child can benefit from my donation.”

“To support kids in out-of-school programs – especially summer camp.”

“As a preteen I spent many summer days at the Y camps and the Y has been a place of peace and wellness.”

“We love the Y and want everyone to have an opportunity to use the Y. James wants no presents for himself – just for others. Merry Christmas.”

“I believe so strongly in the Y mission. Thank you!”

I hope these quotes give you the same added sense of purpose and enthusiasm for your work as they do for me. As we charge ahead together into 2017, let’s do so with these sentiments in mind, remembering that we are having significant and real impact on people’s lives.

Thank you to all our Y associates and volunteers who do the hard and important work that generates the strong feelings behind these words. We are all lucky to be a part of such a generous and supportive community.  So many are better off because of the work each of you does!

Thank you all and a happy, healthy new year to you and yours!

All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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