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Five Reasons Y Camp is the Place to be this Summer

Summer camp is often one of the most enjoyable experiences in your child’s life. From fostering Y Summer Camp Funindependence to building self-esteem, camp provides endless ways for your child to grow into a healthy, happy adult. Here are five top reasons why they will absolutely love going to Y Camp this summer.

  1. Getting in touch with nature
    It’s not called “the great outdoors” for nothing! Going on camp is the perfect way for your child to catch a much-needed break from the iPad and enjoy some time in the fresh air and sunshine! From going on nature hikes to learning to master a canoe, connecting with nature is a positive way to build your child’s sense of belonging, health and happiness.
  2. Active kids are happy kids
    Camp provides an excellent opportunity for kids to climb, jump, dance, hike, swim and run! And not only is getting physically active often second nature to kids, but it’ll also help strengthen their muscles and bones, give them a better outlook on life and maintain their health and wellness.
  3. Making new friends
    With shared meal times and an abundance of group activities, summer camp provides the perfect setting for your child to make a diverse range of new friends in a relaxed, entertaining and stress-free environment.
  4. Learning lifelong skills
    As well as teaching your child practical skills, going to camp helps your child develop abilities that set them up for life. We’re talking about important know-hows like teamwork, collaboration, and communication.
  5. Nothing beats camp memories
    Nothing builds memories like going to camp. Years from now your child will look back on the lessons learned, fun times had, and friendships forged with a huge smile on their face.

Registration is now open for Y Camp 2017.

If you’re looking for affordable summer fun for you child this summer, registration is now open for our Y Camp 2017. You can choose from day camps to overnight camp to sports, swim, creative, science, and our new teen specialty camps! To make things even better, you’ll receive 5% off any Y camp and 75% off the registration fee if you sign up by February 14th. Learn more and register your child for an unforgettable summer.

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