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Y Story: Don’t Stop There

From Ken Oldendick, Y Member at the Ward Y in Abingdon:

3 years ago today I made the decision to try the Y Fitness Challenge. After losing nearly 70 pounds in 5 months I thought a weekly instructor-led class that focused on exercise and logging eating habits might be good for me to help me continue to lose weight. To be honest I had serious doubts whether I was ready for this and almost backed out at the last minute. Little did I know at the time what it would lead to. This picture is the scale for my first weigh-in — 356.8 pounds.

ken's intial weigh-in

During our initial assessment we had to run around the gym for 5 minutes as one of our tests. It felt like it took forever! And I only ran for about 2 minutes before I had to start walking. But the class was a huge success for me. Not only did I go on to lose 49.6 pounds during the 10 week program (bringing my overall weight loss to almost 120 pounds in 7 months), I also got the crazy idea to attempt my first ever 5K.

And approximately 7 weeks after this photo was taken, and exactly 3 months after my 50th birthday, on June 1st 2013, I completed my first ever 5K. But I didn’t see any reason to stop there. So the following year I decided to do my first ever 10K, 10 miler and half marathon. But I didn’t see any reason to stop there so last year I decided to do my first ever sprint and olympic triathlons, and either by accident or by fate completed my first ever full marathon.

But I don’t see any reason to stop there. I hope to do 2 more full marathons this year (one on May 1 and the other on Nov 12) and also hope to complete my first half ironman in June.

Three years ago I was 50/50 on whether I should or could do the Y Fitness Challenge. Had I not done it I most likely would not have even tried and most certainly would not have accomplished any of this.
Thank you Y Fit!!!!!

Ken Results
For anyone doing the upcoming session I wish you luck on your challenge.


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