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Y on the Fly Week 4

Thumbs up for Y on the Fly!  Did you get your recipe card to make this yummy treat?  Kids had the opportunity to make Pizza Hummus throughout the week and it was a hit!  McCormick’s Seasonings used this week: Oregano, Garlic Salt, Basil (Pizza Hummus recipe card below)

Y on the Fly visited Patterson Park Park Public Charter School: Summer Fun Camp, The Judy Center:Land and Sea, Moravia Park Elementary: Y Enrichment Summer Camp, Koinonia Baptist Church: Summer Camp, and Thomas Jefferson Elementary: Summer R.E.A.D.S.

Students had the opportunity to play 2 new games and 1 new activity, in addition to various other activities. Other activities included Hungry Fox, Dash and Dine, Hula Hoop Challenge, Tic Tac Toes and stretch sessions.  Plus, students were able to earn bookbags as incentives.  While making pipsqueak sandwiches Ms Megan taught the students the important of healthy food groups and even included some fun facts about cucumbers.

*NEW GAME ALERT* Students participated in Sprout Ball for the first time this summer. During Sprout Ball the magic number is 3. Students are not allowed to take more than three steps at a time, the ball must bounce three times before anyone touches it and you must still take three steps after using a “sprout” to help you. If someone is hit that person takes kneel and become a sprout. While acting as a sprout you may still pass help pass the balls to players still standing. During this game students are working on cardio, squats, endurance, quick thinking, team building, and focus. It is a great example of not only exercising the body but the mind as well.

*NEW GAME ALERT* Younger Students participated in Coloring Our Food.  During this game little ones are able to walk, jog, run or dance within the boundaries until they hear the whistle which indicates that it is time to freeze, show your muscle and listen for the next set of instructions. The facilitator then gives a color and a modality (For Example: “I would like everyone to do jumping jacks to the green cone.) When students arrive to the cone they are then instructed to put their thinking caps on and come up with as many healthy foods as possible that are green.

*NEW ACTIVITY ALERT* Our younger kids had the opportunity to design their own chef hats this week!


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