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Friendships are good for the heart and soul (and the community, too!)

It’s no surprise to learn that having a strong circle of friends is a healthy move for your emotional and physical well-being, especially as you get a little bit older. Possessing robust friendships can combat isolation and loneliness and is good for your heart (figuratively and literally!)

At Y’s across Central Maryland, we regularly see friendships form, flourish, and fortify over the years. We see this as Y friends joke, hang out, check up on, and fall into a routine with each other. In the words of Liza Luster, a member of the Y in Druid Hill for 15 years, “If you don’t have a family, you come to the Y and get one.”

There! What she said!

Y friends also often turn their energy toward igniting positive change in the community. Togetherhood groups at the Y are just one special example of this.

Y Togetherhood gives members the opportunity to identify projects within their community and make a tangible, immediate difference. From food to clothing drives, Y Togetherhood members regularly roll up their sleeves and help the community, together.

Heartwarming friendships at the Y are also a good way to get the heart pumping! Groups of Y friends work out together and keep each other motivated and connected to health in every way. To see this in action, pop your head into the Hill Y in Westminster and watch one group of members take to the courts for a friendly game of Pickleball every week! This fast-paced sport is a favorite among senior members. It is easy to learn and a whole lot of fun.

To find out more about the Y Togetherhood program, please email Eric Somerville. If you would like to get involved in activities in your community, please contact the senior advocate at your Y.


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