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Usually we start off the week with a Monday Mission Update, but I thought I’d shake it up a bit and start things off with a group of Y Associate Shout Outs.  We’ll do a Monday Mission Update tomorrow (you’ll understand why when you read it, so stay tuned).


Claudia Altamirano Solano (Resource Aide, Y Riverview Head Start Center)

Congratulations Claudia for receiving your Child Development Associate (CDA) credential*.  I am super proud of you!! (Submitted by Sabrina McDuffie) (*Note – To achieve the CDA, a candidate must complete 120 hours of training on best practices in early childhood education, including topics such as safety, the learning environment, communication, social and emotional development, and building relationships with families. In addition, the candidate is observed working with children by a Council-approved early childhood specialist. The evaluation and scores are used as one part of the credentialing decision to determine whether the candidate will be awarded the CDA Credential.)


Rebecca Brown (FitKids Instructor, The Hill Family Y in Westminster)

Rebecca is always so enthusiastic with the children that go to her FitKids class. She is exuberant and happy to see them, and always has an upbeat attitude with each individual child. No matter who she is dealing with, they feel special because of her extra special way of dealing with other people in a caring and happy way. “The kid’s got spunk!” is what I always say about Rebecca. It is delightful to see her in action, giving each child a pep talk before each class, and letting them know with her actions and words that SHE knows that they can do ANYTHING they put their hearts into. There needs to be more Rebeccas in the world. (Submitted by Jennifer Harvilak)


Jeremy Clark (Head Lifeguard and Swim Instructor, The Walter & Betty Ward Y in Abingdon)

Jeremy is always willing to cover for others. Whether it is a guard shift or a swim lesson, he frequently steps up to help out, and our swim department is very lucky to have him. He is always positive and leads by example. Thank you for all your hard work, Jeremy! (Submitted by Courtney McKearin)


Courtney Crusse (Swim Coordinator, The Y in Pasadena)

Courtney and her team have had a difficult job organizing the activities in the various pools. Last year, being our first year doing camps, was a time of learning for everyone. Seniors had complaints about not being able to use the lane in the lap pool that had stairs; others complained about all the children changing in the locker rooms; and then there was the never-ending problem of lack of deck chairs. This year, Courtney figured it all out! There is a privacy curtain in the locker room, where the children change; older people are finding it much easier to swim laps; and there is a new set of cubbies for towels! Thank you, Courtney! (Submitted by Linda Barnes)

Jenny Dillon (Swim Coordinator, The Greater Annapolis Y in Arnold)

Jenny is the positive, smiling face who truly represents everything that the Y in Arnold’s swim program excels at. She makes EVERY part of her job her number one priority: from helping guests to supporting her colleagues and always, always having a sunny disposition while doing it all. We are so fortunate to have Jenny at the helm running our swim program. She is truly an exceptional person. (Submitted by Sara Kosolow)


Eddie Hernandez and Seth Phillips (Fitness Coaches, The Y in Perry Hall)

Eddie and Seth have been a tremendous help since they were hired in December 2017. They are always willing to pick up shifts and help out the center with any task that is needed. Members have expressed to me how much they enjoy their FitQuest appointments with them and always feel welcomed by their presence. Also, they recently graduated from Perry Hall High School! It’s remarkable how they balance their work with dual enrollment at CCBC and their duties at home. I can see great things in their future! (Submitted by Katie Essel)


Imani Kersey (Membership Associate, The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Y in Waverly)

Imani is always smiling and making guests feel at ease. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question she goes above and beyond to find it out. She is really trying to get more plugged into the Y and Y events and develop her leadership skills behind the front desk. (Submitted by Tanesha Waid)

Linda Schwartz (Swim Instructor and Book Club Facilitator, The Y in Parkville)

Linda has demonstrated her commitment to the health and well-being of our members, as well as the core values of the Y. Linda was originally in the center for a Book Club meeting, however, without any intentions of teaching, ended up providing last minute coverage for one of our water fitness classes! Thank you Linda for always being a reliable and resourceful person for all – you’re awesome!!!! (Submitted by Jenn Stallworth)

I hope you enjoy reading about some of your exceptional colleagues.  These good people, like the over 3,100 associates across the Y, understand that the most important thing about our organization isn’t the buildings, the programs or the history (and those are all awesome!).  The most important thing about the Y is our people.  The Y is about memorable experiences, and only people can produce meaningful experiences.

If you know a Y associate who deserves a public Shout Out for doing great things or simply being a great person, simply fill out the nomination form, which is linked here: Y Shout Out Nomination Form

Have a great week everyone!

All the best,


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