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Y Associate Shout Outs

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of summer, it would seem like a good time to send out some great Shout Outs to Y associates across Central Maryland!  There are so many simple and extraordinary examples of teamwork, focus on safety, commitment to our cause and just downright good Y work throughout these write-ups.  Please take the time to read them, to celebrate your colleagues’ great work, and to take a bow yourself for all of the things you do every day to make your community and your workplace a better place!

All of our Baltimore County Early Head Start and Head Start Teachers and Family Developmental Specialists

Our Early Head Start and Head Start teachers and Family Developmental Specialists teach our children manners, how to handle their emotions, their daily lessons, as well as life lessons on a daily basis. Our teachers are the backbone of our program and work extremely hard to nurture, encourage, and teach our children. Our teachers are rock stars and should be honored more than just one week a year!! I am very grateful to work with such a dedicated and caring group of talented teachers!! A belated Happy Teachers’ Week to our awesome Baltimore County Head Start, Early Head Start, and Family Developmental Specialists!! (Submitted by Joy A.)

 Taja’e B. (Membership Associate) and Officer Gant (Security Officer) (Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Y in Waverly)

Taja’e and Officer Gant had a great reaction time to the sounding of the turtle in the pool area. They heard the turtle and immediately got up and grabbed the AED and oxygen and went down to the pool area. Great job! We need everyone to be as attentive as this when responding to the turtle alarm. Thank you! (Submitted by Jill B.)

 Carol B. and Mary Beth W. (Stay & Play Coordinator and Membership Coordinator, The Y in Perry Hall)

Carol and Mary Beth have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort into planning our family events. Ever since our Happy Healthy Halloween event, members can’t help but express their enthusiasm for how well the events are planned. The children love the games, crafts, and most importantly, they are excited to visit the Y each month for our monthly event! Thank you MB and Carol! (Submitted by Katie E.)

Diana B. (Executive Director, Associate Well-being and Senior Initiative, Association Human Resources/Operations)

Diana helped create participant guides and host events during the Regional Training Event. She did not hesitate to step in and help when needed! (Submitted by Christie R.)

 Keith B., Al H., Mike M. and Norm W. (Association Facilities Directors)

Keith, Al, Mike and Norm all stood out in the rain to help park cars for the Leadership Retreat. Thank you! (Submitted by Christie R.)

Gus C. (Sports Instructor, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Y in Waverly)

Gus’s passion for coaching and mentoring youth is apparent to anyone who has witnessed him in action. He is patient, kind, supportive and firm when needed. He is an excellent role model and always takes time to say hi to everyone he knows at the Y, which after five years is a lot of people! (Submitted by Rebecca W.)

Dawn Chrystal-Wolfe (District Executive Director, The Y in Catonsville)

Dawn is an outstanding leader. We have been without a Membership Director for six months and she has taken on the extra responsibilities like a champ while maintaining her cool and collected self. She is always willing to help with any task and puts extra effort and time into getting to know her associates. (The leadership team at The Y in Catonsville)

Courtney C. (Swim Program Coordinator, The Y in Pasadena)

Courtney runs the swim lessons and programs at the Y in Pasadena, which is no easy task. She works countless hours day in and day out at different times every day. She never complains about it and always finds the right lessons for each person who is interested. She’s currently getting swim lessons ready for summer so we can offer them to our camp kids. She is the rock of the swim department in Pasadena and we are truly lucky to have her. (Submitted by Matt G.)

Kristy G. (Stay & Play Coordinator, The Walter and Betty Ward Y in Abingdon)

Kristy is everything you could want in a Coordinator! Her passion for youth development work inspires all of our associates and the relationships she develops with our members make them feel like they actually do belong to our Y family! Keep up all the great work you do! (Submitted by DJ K.)

Peggy K. (Membership Associate, The Y in Pasadena)

Peggy played a super-sized role in the Y exceeding its Send a Kid to Camp fundraising goal in Anne Arundel County, personally raising over $5,000!!  We knew she was good and incredibly persuasive, but that’s amazing!  We are so appreciative of not only her incredible achievement, but even more importantly how Peggy has taken the Y’s charitable mission to heart the past two years since the transition from Big V.  It’s truly an honor to call her a colleague. (Submitted by Matt Lewis and John Hoey)

Octavia Stevens (Lead Teacher, Y Head Start at Meade Village)

Ms. Octavia is continuously making things interesting for her students. Her classroom is full of artwork, and student creations. She really puts a lot of effort into making her students feel at home. One week into the “Recycle, Reduce, and Re-Use” study and she has already implemented several activities to enhance her students’ learning experience! (Submitted by Catherine H.)


Jennifer U/ (Senior Swim Program Director, The Y in Catonsville)

Without much notice Jenn covered a class for the Regional Training Event. By her jumping in to teach the class, our associates were able to become certified to teach the Lifeguard courses, which in turn will help strengthen our communities. Thank you Jenn!! (Submitted by Christie R.)

If you’d like to “Shout Out” one or more of your colleagues, just follow this link: Y Associate Shout Out Form

Have a great weekend, everyone!

All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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