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Y Associate Shout Outs

I know that I’m a day late for the Friday Y Associate Shout Outs, but I didn’t want to wait another week to send out the latest batch of Shout Outs.  I hope everyone enjoys the weekend, and takes some time to thank the following wonderful Y associates!

Lisa Barber and Enkeleda Dacaj (Head Teacher and Teacher’s Assistant, Y Head Start Center in Back River)

Ms. Lisa and Ms. Enkeleda have done an amazing job. They manage to work together and support the other class rooms at the same time. They have showed strength as well as professionalism through their transition. I think they should both be recognized. (Submitted by Myeika Waller)


Brent Bauhaus, Matt Grenagle and Leo O’Dea (Property Director, Swim Coordinator and Property Assistant at the Y in Pasadena)

Brent, Leo and Matt are amazing associates with great attitudes! No project is too big and they always analyze and execute the safest, most efficient plan. Pasadena is ramping up for a busy pool season. This includes a huge undertaking of removing everything from the pool deck in a very short time and then putting everything back up and in place after the dome comes down. Their forward-thinking, diligence and attention to detail did not go unnoticed! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your efforts and assistance to open the pools ahead of schedule! (Submitted by Betsy Kulp)


Ivy Brach (Facilities Assistant at the Hill Family Y in Westminster)

Ivy recently sent me a link for a craft project that I could do with the kids in Stay and Play, and then dropped off a bag of newspapers to go along with it. She did this OUTSIDE of her job, without anyone telling her to do it. I did one of the projects with the kids today, and it was wildly popular. Ivy is always a very kind and giving person this way. She always thinks about others, and always has a smile for the kids in Stay and Play. Knowing that I have another friend at the Y who is watching out for cool projects for me is awesome. It is just one of the many, MANY ways that Ivy goes ABOVE AND BEYOND at the Hill Y and in the community as a whole. Good job, Ivy. I appreciate all that you do!!! (Submitted by Jennifer Harvilak)


Cross-Organizational Team (Head Start Team, Preschool Leadership Team, LaNae Croxton and the HR Team, Derryck Fletcher, Association Leadership Team)

Without hesitation, several teams jumped in to help support the Weinberg and Towson preschool sites with classroom coverage, audits, benefits research, EAP assistance, and more. It’s comforting to know that we had so much support during this difficult time. Tambria Bynum was dedicated to doing for others. She certainly would be proud to see her Y family pull together like this. (Submitted by Becky Zahn)


Alexandra Francois (FitQuest Coordinator at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Y in Waverly)

Alexandra was one of our Project You coaches this spring and has been an outstanding coach. One of the participants sent me with this awesome shout out: “I just wanted to say that Alexandra is an amazing asset to our Y and made a huge difference in my experience with the Project You classes. She is supportive without making me feel inadequate, not an easy task. I am a bit sensitive about exercise (putting it mildly.) She is positive without being Pollyanna, watches all the people in the class carefully, and is terrific about helping folks adapt where they need to get the most benefit they can without harming themselves. Alexandra has been the major force in getting me excited about increasing my fitness, and more importantly has helped me figure out how to adapt things so I can keep moving even when I have to keep moving while sitting in a chair. Most importantly, she makes coming to class something to look forward to, not something to dread. Alexandra is knowledgeable, cheerful, and seems to have fun with us even though she is watching everyone at one time. She, and Project You, have actually changed my life.” (Submitted by Julia Demarais)


Trish Harper (Senior Program Director) and the Camp Try Out team

Trish, HR, and everyone associated with Camp recruitment and hiring has done an amazing job of recruiting (830 unique applications), reviewing, prescreening, and inviting candidates to our try out days. We have completed four successful try out days, which require precision planning and timing, a group of 10-15 camp and HR leaders, and a passion for finding the best camp associates ever, all led by Trish! She keeps us on our toes with timing for the day, resources needed for activities and interviews, and supports the HR team in all elements required for hiring based on ACA and MDH requirements. We expect to hire 450 candidates for summer camp (not including Puh’tok and Spencer). This past Saturday we led 76 candidates through the process and hired 54 candidates, taking us to 63% hired for the season (about 290 candidates hired so far) and about 20% ahead of last year. We have at least 3 more tryouts scheduled and already have another 60 candidates registered for those days. We are hoping to have full teams by May 10. Stay tuned! (Submitted by Lana Smith)


Heather Schmand (Office Manager at the Association Office)

I pass by Heather often during the day. Each time I see her, she is working on something different for someone. Heather is the Swiss army knife of our office. Always willing to help anyone in any department, and she does so with a smile. Thank you for what you do, Heather. Our office wouldn’t run as well as it does without you! (Submitted by Michael Metalios)


Bob Smith (Regional Preschool Director)

Bob has the heart of a lamb and the mind of a lion. Through difficult situations he has encountered such as: bumps in the road with renovations, loss of teachers, being understaffed at times, the tragic passing of Miss Tambria, and helping UMBC when needed, Bob is an exemplary rock when we are not in a position to be. He pushes through and supports all those in need and always putting himself to the side. His autonomous actions are revered and his consistent demonstration of our values are admired. Thank you Bob. You are appreciated! (Submitted by Kimberly Maxwell)

If you’d like to submit an Associate Shout Out, just follow this link: Y Associate Shout Out Nomination Form

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John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland
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