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Monday Mission Update

If you ever doubt the importance of your work (or get tired, as we all do), read these comments from some of your neighbors who receive financial assistance allowing them to participate in the Y’s programs and community.

  • “My son (with special needs) has had a membership for the past several years.  He enjoys swimming and working with his personal trainer.  It has made an amazing difference in his life.  He’s become more independent, lost weight and improved his overall health.   It’s been one of the best things for him and we’re very pleased with the Y’s associates, programs, and support he’s received.”
  • “My daughter was able to meet a diverse group of friends. Camp was very close to my job, and the hours of operation were outstanding. The Y’s associates very helpful and prompt with solving issues and concerns. I would recommend to anyone who has camp and before and after school needs!!! “
  • “Tremendous!!!! I suffer from depression and being able to swim has been extremely therapeutic. I used to swim at the exact location as a child and adolescent. I’m a happy camper (swimmer)!”
  • “The Y has been a blessing. My health has improved and so has my social circle.”
  • “The Y has helped my son with his sports and it had helped me when I was in a car accident with getting myself into better shape; felt better about myself.”
  • “Our kids had a blast and are already preparing for next summer’s camp.”
  • “Sure, I have had the pleasure of taking your yoga and Pilates classes. I am both physically and mentally disabled and have learned a way to enjoy moving my body that I did not think possible.”
  • “The Y has been amazing! Not only do I feel safe that my daughter is in good hands, she has so much fun!”

Without the generous contributions of so many across this community who truly care about the Y’s imperative of being for all, none of these experiences would have occurred and so many people would have not have had the access to such critical opportunities to improve their or their family’s well-being.

Thank you to all our wonderful associates and volunteers who work so hard every day to deliver great programming to thousands of Y members and participants daily. Regardless of the role you play in helping to fulfill our charitable mission, you are helping to change individual, family and community lives in tangible ways that are appreciated probably more than you know. In a world that seems increasingly challenged and often bitterly divided, I’d say this is a pretty good way to be spending our collective time and energy.


All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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