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Monday Mission Update

Though the weather of late might suggest a different story, summer is right around the corner and at the Y that means camp! For thousands of families in our region, the anticipation of summer brings with it the excitement of changed routines, vacations, new opportunities for kids to grow, learn and expand. Still, for thousands more, summer is a looming question mark, or worse. As a parent, I can hardly imagine what it would be like to have my twins idle and alone all summer while my wife and I work. It would be scary and overwhelming to me to not have the proper resources that I’d need to make sure they were safe, happy and productively engaged. Certainly, the thought of “sticking them in front of a TV” all day wouldn’t be a viable option. I’m fortunate that I don’t have to worry about that, but this dilemma is the reality for thousands of families in our region. They need the Y, and they certainly need our donors’ help.

Our annual Send a Kid to Camp campaign kicks off this week and it is intended to solve the exact dilemma and inequity for parents and children that I just described.

With this in mind, I am so encouraged by the leadership shown by the volunteers, associates and members at the Orokawa Y in Towson  who out got a jump on the campaign this past weekend, raising over $6,000 for our cause!

Orokawa Cyclethon

With the leadership of Y associate and superstar Angie Obaza and lots of help and participation from the great Anne Healy and her Community Leadership Board volunteer colleagues, Orokawa Y members and other Y associates, over 50 people took time out of their schedules this past weekend to “Cycle a Kid to Camp!” An average week of Y camp costs $231 and cyclists were asked to ride at least an hour to pay for a day of camp or four hours to sponsor a whole week. Five strong souls even went for a full five hours! Community Leadership Board members also raised extra dollars and secured prizes given away by the hour to motivate and thank our kind-hearted (and hearty) riders!

Send a Kid to Camp campaign materials are being sent to Y family centers and program sites this week. We have goals to reach and many kids relying on us to put all our energy, heart and soul into reaching those goals.  I wouldn’t let any grass grow under your feet! The Orokawa team already has a Zumba-thon and Kids Try-athlon (with emphasis on TRY!) already planned.

Our ads accurately call Y summer camp “The Best Summer Ever.” Let’s make that a reality for all the kids in our community who need us.

If you have any questions or great ideas about Send a Kid to Camp, please contact Lindsay Crone, our resident SKC mastermind, at


All the best,


John K. Hoey

President & CEO

The Y in Central Maryland


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