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It’s often said that “age is just a number.” Well, Y member Chuck Mulligan is living (and lifting) proof.Chuck Mulligan Power Lifter

Here’s his amazing and inspiring story.

Chuck Mulligan, a member of the Y in Arnold (Greater Annapolis), does not let age stop him from pursuing his passion. At 74, Chuck is one of the premier bench press powerlifters in the world!  In 2016, at a United States Powerlifting (USFL) meet in Denver, Chuck qualified for the U.S. team and will compete in the International Powerlifting Federations (IPF) World Wide Bench Competition on April 18th in Austin, TX.

The IPF competition is the pinnacle of competitive. In Chuck’s age group, the current bench press IPF world record holder pressed 302 lbs. At the qualifying meet in Denver, Chuck pressed 313 lbs.!

At this year’s IPF competition, Chuck is hoping to bench press 320 lbs., a lift that is 115 lbs. over his body weight.  If he does so, he will set a new world record in his age group!

Chuck’s interest in weight lifting began when he was a 13-year-old boy living on his family’s farm in Newton County, Indiana.  Back then it was rare to own a television, but Chuck’s dad owned one. On the weekends, a group of local boys would gather at his house to watch ball games on TV.  One weekend, they were given permission to bring a set of 150 lb. weights to the house, and that’s when Chuck started lifting.

He discovered he had a natural talent, and was soon lifting more than the other boys.  He continued to lift in high school, college, in the Coast Guard, and during the 10 years he spent as a Baltimore City Police Officer.  Chuck returned to Indiana in 1979 to work on the family farm and was elected County Sheriff. During his years as a sheriff, Chuck committed to intensifying and improving his lifting.

In 1992, at age 49, he won his first Quantico competition, bench pressing 305 lbs.!  At age 65, Chuck entered the higher level competitions in the U.S. and achieved several age group records. Today at 74, Chuck is stronger than ever, lifting 15 hours a week as he prepares for the biggest competitive bench press event of his life.

Chuck’s overarching message is that age shouldn’t be a factor. In Chuck’s view; “when you have the potential and when you set goals, you can realize physical improvement no matter what age you are.  Don’t let your mind stop you by thinking you are too old. Make it happen!”

Our message to Chuck is this: the whole Y community is rooting for you to “make it happen” at the IPF competition and thanks you for reminding us all about the importance of living to your fullest potential – at any age.

All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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