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Monday Mission Update

Here’s a Monday morning shot of good cheer that reminds all of us why we are so privileged to be involved with an organization that lives its values every day.  At the Y, caring, honesty, respect and responsibility aren’t simply words on a wall somewhere; they are the “train tracks” that keep all of us on course and focused on what’s important.

I think this letter underscores that well:

Ms. Balzano and Ms. Green,

I want to commend the employees that were on duty yesterday (Sunday, October 16, 2016) afternoon at the Ward Y in Abingdon.

I am usually a well-controlled diabetic; however, after a workout yesterday afternoon I went into a hypoglycemic episode. Several people, especially Anna (didn’t get her last name) assisted me in recovering by calling my wife, cutting up several oranges for my consumption, and staying with me until my blood sugar recovered. Without their assistance I would have been in worse shape than I was due to my total confusion and possibly would have gone unconscious. I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for their concern and assistance.

If you have any programs that are in need of donations, please let me know.


John K.

The lifesaving Y associates to whom John refers were Rechelle Jackson and Anna Cammayo, Y membership associates. His note was written to Suzanne Green, VP District Operations, and Sara Balzano, Program Director, at the Ward Y in Abingdon.

After the incident, Sarah called John’s wife to check up on him and she commented to Sarah that the caring and quick action of Rechelle and Anna just demonstrates what good people there are at the Y. With so much negativity all around us, it may seem that “good people” are in short supply, but our communities and our Y are chock-full of such people who understand that we all are our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper.

I’m proud of Rechelle and Anna and of the nearly 3,000 Y in Central Maryland associates like them who are good, principled people who put our core values into action every single day.


Thank you.

All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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