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Monday Mission Update

“As I write this letter, I am still in disbelief that our five years at Y Preschool come to a close today. For five years, the Y has been a second home to my boys; a place of learning, exploring, nurturing and friendship. They have spent countless hours at the Y and have gained knowledge and had experiences that prepared them for their next educational experience. They were treated with kindness and challenged to be the best they could be.”

This is an excerpt from a letter we recently received from Rachel Bradford, the mother of Holden and Graydon, longtime preschool students at the Betty Sterner Y Preschool in Catonsville.

First of all, let me thank Ms. Bradford for not only taking the time to write such a wonderful letter, but moreover, for giving us the privilege of teaching and nurturing her precious children. As both a parent and the CEO of the Y, I take this responsibility very seriously and I’m grateful for the opportunity to significantly enhance the lifetime trajectory of more than 2,000 young children every year, across all 51 Y Preschool and Head Start sites in the region. These young children and their families deserve and are, without question, receiving the highest level of expertise and experience, mixed with a lot of love and kindness, as is possible.

Thanks is also owed to the fantastic team at the Betty Sterner Y Preschool in Catonsville who worked closely with Ms. Bradford’s boys (Vonda Fleet, Carrie Cluster, Natasha Winfield, Bettina Washington, Cheryl Jordan and Esther Jefferson) and all of our Y Preschool and Head Start associates across the region. You are uniquely talented professionals who have dedicated your careers to the education and healthy early start of young children. What more important avocation could one have? The work you are doing will prepare children like Holden and Graydon for a lifetime of learning and opportunity.

If you came to this work to make a difference, as so many people at the Y do, then I’d say that while the work is never really done, you should take a bow! You are making an incredible difference. I hope you feel as proud and satisfied in your work as I do in being your colleague and having the opportunity to recognize its great value.


All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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