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Monday Mission Update

As an organization dedicated to individual, family and community well-being, we are fueled by the passions of over 3,200 hard-working and dedicated Y associates and over 6,000 Y volunteers who have committed themselves to helping others achieve their greatest potential in spirit, mind and body. The ways in which that happens are nearly as diverse and unique as each child or adult helped. While we do our best to capture the outcomes of all this work, we can only really imagine the long term impacts of lives inexorably changed for the better.


With this in mind, it’s incumbent on us, and particularly me and others of us in leadership positions at this Association, to redouble our commitment and tangible efforts to unlock the potential in everyone engaged in this work. This is one reason I am so pleased to see the roll out of Y Associate Resource Groups as well as other important investments in your health & well-being.


Two recent examples include the Associate Triathlon which took place recently at the Hill Family Center Y in Westminster and the kickoff of the Women’s Associate Resource Group, held at Y Camp Puh’tok last week.

Both of these events recognize are designed to unlock and express the incredible potential within our Y associates, who give so much every day in the service of others. As we celebrated Labor Day yesterday, and every day, I hope you know how much you are valued and appreciated by me and, much more importantly, by the hundreds of thousands of children, adults, whole families and communities you help make better, healthier and happier every single day.

We can never thank you enough!

All the best,


John K. Hoey
President & CEO
The Y in Central Maryland


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